4 Ways To STOP Getting Ghosted By Leads!

By January 9, 2020 February 22nd, 2020 Digital Marketing

If you are a professional service provider i can almost guarantee that you have been ghosted a number of times in your career.

Ever sent a proposal or been in a really promising meeting or phone call that you thought was going to convert, only to be left with radio silence and zero response?

We’ve all been there..

“So what’s the deal.. Why do people ghost me if they were making it seem like they wanted my services?”

People are legitimately busy!

But think about it like this.. If they are too busy to make a decision on a service that will change their business then maybe they don’t have a problem that’s painful enough to solve?

And without pain, there is NO SALE

Let me repeat.. NO PAIN, NO SALE

People might also be scared away by your pricing, or the amount of effort that it will require on their behalf if they do decide to work with you.. Especially if they are in dire need of an overhaul of some sort in their business.

They might be looking at other alternatives in the marketplace and were simply price shopping, which means they don’t really want to hear from you again if they have found a cheaper option.

The reasons or excuses are endless..

So how do you avoid being ghosted by prospects and leads?

After sending 1000’s of proposals over the years i’ve found 4 key things to be SUPER effective and im sharing them with you here today



I want you to drive this phrase into your mind before you get on the next call or go into your next meeting because it’s the number one factor that determines a buyers decision.

In sales it’s crucial to uncover the pain that the buyer is feeling and evoke emotion in them.

This helps to raise the stakes and create urgency for the solution that you are providing.

If someone has just opened up to you (a complete stranger) about their deepest and darkest secrets, it puts you in an authoritative position and holds them accountable for getting themselves out of that position.

Some of the best questions you can ask to kick off a conversation with an inbound lead are..

Why are we having this conversation?

What made you get on this call today?

What would happen if you took no action?

What does your life look like once this problem has been solved?

These types of questions uncover the pain that your prospect is feeling and really help you to kick the conversation off on the right foot with solutions to their problems.


If you are positioned as an authoritative figure in the market place and you are constantly creating informative content and positive customer experiences, some of the answers that you will want to hear to this question are:

“I reached out because your content really resonated with me and changed the way i think”

“You are offering something that no one else is and your ad really captured my attention”

“I saw some positive testimonials from people who were experiencing similar problems to mine and I was really impressed”

By asking your prospects this question, you are reinforcing in their minds that you are uniquely positioned to solve their problems and are probably a great fit for them.


It’s important to have an open conversation about any other service providers that your prospect may be considering.

If there are alternatives, discuss them in detail and you will build trust quickly.

But why would you want to talk about your competitors when you are trying to sell your own services..

Seems counterproductive right?

But in fact this kind of transparency demonstrates your value to the prospect and allows them to make an informed decision based on the pros and cons of your service as compared to your competitors.

To give you an example.. i recently published an article about the top questions that you should ask before hiring a Digital Marketing agency.

This kind of post not only shows that we care about people getting results but it also gives prospects a first hand look into what it’s like working with us.

It demonstrates our company’s ethics and processes and sets the bar for any other conversations a potential client will have with our competitors.

Start asking this question and you will minimise the amount of times that you get ghosted due to competition.


If you have just had a conversation with a prospect which ended with them asking for a quote, more info or a proposal, chances are this person is pretty interested in what you are offering.

As we all know, people are busy and sometimes sending a long winded proposal can cripple a sale.

There are obviously certain instances where a formal proposal is needed, but try to streamline your processes as much as possible.

The last thing you want to do is send them a huge proposal and contract that takes them days to digest.

The next time you contact your prospect it should be to organise a meeting or phone call, where all of the decision makers are present and in a position to proceed if they agree that the proposal is in order.

Even if you have to provide a formal proposal, it’s always better to present it to your prospects (ideally face to face) rather than send it to them and let them sit on it as you can answer any questions they have on the spot, again minimising the chances of them ghosting you from that point forward.


By the end of the call you want to be leaving your prospects dreaming about the possibilities and get them thinking about how working with you can help them solve a problem they are facing.

You want them to feel a sense of empowerment after speaking to you, and leave them slightly more educated about a particular topic than what they were before they got on the call with you.

By putting these strategies in place you can almost guarantee that your ghost rates will go down, because you are creating a sense of urgency and positioning yourself as the solution to your clients’ problems.

If you are a service provider who needs help with generating & converting leads or have any questions about anything in this post, let’s chat!

Share this post with a friend or someone on your sales team to help them convert more of their leads and let me know strategies that you use to stop leads ghosting.

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Credit: Jamie Kritharas – Founder & Head of Growth at Defiant Digital

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