5 Tools That Will Help You CRUSH Your Competition!

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As entrepreneurs and business owners we are constantly looking for tools that will help us get one step ahead of our competitors.

Or tools that will make our day to day tasks more productive and profitable.

What if I told you that there were a stack of tools out there that would allow you to spy on your competitors?

And when i say spy i mean dig real deep into everything that’s making their business money..

Tools that show you how much traffic they are getting on their website?

Identify what blog posts of theirs were most popular?

Even look at what ads of theirs are performing the best?

Of course you would be interested right?

Because that kind of information allows you to take what your competitors are doing.. And DO IT BETTER!

I want you to know the exact tools that we use on a daily basis to help our clients crush their competitors, so I wrote this list to help you learn more about each one in detail.

Let’s get started..

Tool #1 – Similar Web – https://www.similarweb.com

This tool is an absolute game changer for spying on your competitors!

Simply enter the URL of your competitors, or any site that you are looking to get more information on, and Similar Web will tell you exactly how much traffic they are getting, where it’s coming from and even what content is performing best on the website.

Similar Web also gives you a deep insight into the audience of your competitors and even shows you other sites that they frequently visit.

Start feeding some of this information into your targeting options when running your ads and watch your ROI go through the roof. And best of all, its FREE!

Tool #2 – Built With – https://builtwith.com

Built with is a tool that shows you the technology that is running in the backend of a website.

You are probably thinking to yourself “why do i care what technology my competitors are using?”

Let me tell you why..

Your competitors may be using technology that is nurturing YOUR potential customers much better than you are.

For example, they could have lead capturing software on their site that is collecting the information of prospects in exchange for free information sources or what we call “lead magnets”.

By doing this, they are providing immense value upfront and are highly likely to be snatching up stacks of potential customers in your target market.

By identifying the software they are using, you can work out their strategies and then work out how to do it better!

Tool #3 – BuzzSumo – https://buzzsumo.com

BuzzSumo is hands down one of my favourites and a tool that I use a number of times a day when planning the content strategies for my clients.

Put simply, this tool shows you exactly what content performs best on your competitors pages as well as the best performing content for a particular search topic.

You may have heard the saying “content is king” and we all know this too well, however it’s sometimes hard to come up with ideas for content – not anymore!

Use BuzzSumo to work out the types of content that people are hungry for and tailor your strategy accordingly.

It also helps you identify the key influencers for a particular search topic, allowing you to form strategic alliances that will bring massive exposure to your business/brand.

Tool #4 – Social Blade – https://socialblade.com

All of your competitors have social profiles across Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and the list goes on..

Social Blade is a tool that makes tracking analytics a walk in the park, giving you a deep understanding of popular social media trends and the growth of your competitors.

It will even show you the daily growth of a particular account next to the amount of times that they are posting daily.

This will help you to quickly identify trends and work out roughly how many times a week you need to post to stay competitive and top of mind with your potential customers.

If you see a spike in followers on a particular day, this shows you that your competitors posted something that resonated with people. Go straight to the source, find that piece of content and create your own variation that’s even better.

Aside from analysing your competition, you can also use Social Blade to analyse the accounts of potential influencers that you are looking to partner with, to track their growth over time and see how their audience is growing with each post they put up. This kind of information can help you spot the gems amongst the masses of accounts with fabricated followings.

Tool #5 – What Runs Where – https://www.whatrunswhere.com

Your competitors are running ads on a number of different platforms daily, and every ad that they run is being put in front of customers that could potentially be yours.

But what’s working for them?

Is there a particular copywriting style that’s really resonating with your target audience?

A particular type of imagery or video style?

A piece of free information that a lot of people are hungry for?

What Runs Where helps you answer all of these questions, allowing you to roll out ads that you know are going to perform well. A game changer for your ROI!


By staying up to date with all the latest marketing tools, you can help position your brand at the forefront of your industry and snatch up potential clients and sales before any of your competitors do.

One of the main functions of this blog is to help our readers stay educated and informed with tools, trends and marketing tips that will impact their revenues. If there are any topics you’d like more information on feel free to drop us a line and we will cover them in our upcoming posts!

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Credit: Jamie Kritharas – Founder & Head of Growth at Defiant Digital

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