7 Game Changing Questions To Transform Your Business

By January 9, 2020 February 22nd, 2020 Digital Marketing

Picture this..

You come up with a brand new idea one day for an innovative product.. or an idea to start that business that’s been on your mind since you can remember.

Maybe you decided that after working for a boss and making them money year on year it was time to go out on your own and do things your way.

Or, maybe you are an entrepreneur who has always been driven to create your own thing and live life on your own terms

No matter what the circumstances are, you’re ultimately trying to sell something, right?

Whether its your expertise, a physical product or a service, the fundamentals of marketing all come into play and today im here to ask you 8 questions that will help transform your marketing strategy!

This list of questions has single handedly helped me turn people’s businesses around in an hour!

I see the light bulbs going off in people’s heads as they write down their answers and all of a sudden, their confusion on how to market their products or services starts to become clear.

So I encourage you to really think about all of the questions here, literally get a piece of paper and write your answers down as it will give you a roadmap to your goals and will help you identify the exact opportunities and target audience for your business.

Let’s dive in..

Question #1 – What’s Your Offer?

It sounds like a simple one, but this question is always the first thing you need to clearly define.

What exactly is it that you are offering? How much does it cost? What value does it provide? Are there any guarantees?

If you find that you can’t define this in afew sentences, then it’s likely that your messaging is not clear and distinct to the people you are targeting.

You aim is for people to discover you and know exactly what you provide/how you can help straight away!

Question #2 – What Makes It Unique?

There’s so much noise in today’s world – timelines are filled with cookie cutter ads for cookie cutter products that all have the same look and feel.

What makes your brand, product or service unique? What sets you apart?

Picture yourself as the end consumer for a second. If you were browsing all of your competitors websites and then landed on your site, what would set you apart from the rest?

It could be a unique solution to a problem i.e Uber creating an app that allows people to order rides directly from their phones instead of standing on the side of the road trying to hail down a cab.

It could be that your branding just looks better than everything else out there, is endorsed by the right influencers and everyone wants to be seen with it.

Maybe your accounting firm has come up with a unique portal that makes submitting receipts and expenses a walk in the park for busy entrepreneurs.

Work out what sets your brand apart and make it clear in your messaging!

Question #3 – Who Is Your Target Audience?

This is without a doubt one of the most important marketing questions you can ask yourself.


Because it forms the basis of literally everything you do..

Think about it. There’s no point advertising pet toys to people who don’t own pets. Or gym apparel to people who never go to the gym.

Developing a deep understanding of your target audience will help you craft offers and creative assets that resonate with the right people and will allow you to put your ads in front of people who fit the script perfectly, resulting in an increased ROI.

Things to consider when defining a Target Audience:

  • Analyse trends in your current customer base
  • Define key demographics: Age, Gender, Location, Income Level, Occupation
  • Study niche specific brands that they may follow (think Xero for Accountants, Bunnings Warehouse for tradesmen etc.)
  • Breakdown your competitors to see who they are targeting

Question #4 – What Are Their Biggest Fears?

Knowing the answers to this question will be a gamechanger for your business as it will allow you to directly address those fears in your messaging and offering.

What’s keeping your potential customers up at night? What are the fears they face daily?

Insurance companies are the best example of how fears are used in marketing.

Their message is entirely geared around protecting you from disaster and their product gives you that “peace of mind” that if there was ever an incident, you would be covered.

Fear is one of the emotions that drives people the most, and if you can demonstrate that your product can solve someone’s fear then you have done the heavy lifting in converting that person into a customer.

Question #5 – How Will You Prove Your Claim?

When it comes down to it, people buy your products or services if they can see themselves gaining something in the process.

So you need to clearly identify what it is that they are going to gain and how you are going to prove that your product or service is the solution.

Testimonials are an incredibly powerful way to prove your claim as people buy based on other peoples positive experiences.

If they can see other people just like them having positive experiences with your brand, they will start to see that maybe what you are offering can solve their problems too.

Influencer marketing is also hugely effective in proving value and is one of the most powerful forms of word of mouth marketing.

If an influencer is pushing your brand as a solution, chances are that their following will be “influenced” into becoming one of your customers as well.

Question #6  – What Are Their Objections?

Is it too expensive? Does it take too much time? Can I do it myself? Is it going to work for my target market?

Write down all of the objections that you have heard from your customers and develop a deep understanding of how your brand can solve them.

There are always going to be objections, particularly on price, but by providing and demonstrating value you can often address them.

You need to get your potential clients thinking about the consequences of NOT taking action and how this might affect them as this will demonstrate the value of your offering.

Question #7 – What’s Their End Goal?

This question is tapping into the potential customers hopes and dreams and opening them up to the possibilities.

How will what you have help them get to their desired outcome?

Addressing this question in your marketing will help to clearly define value for your potential customer as you are evoking emotion in them.

As the age old saying goes, “buyers buy with emotion and justify with logic” so make sure that your offering is compelling and demonstrates what life would be like if they were your customer.


Once you have all of these questions clear you will have developed a much deeper understanding of your target market which will help you get a higher return on your ad spends and overall revenue.

Always do market research and even incentivise your customers to fill out surveys from time to time to make sure that you are providing what they want.

Customers experience with your product will give you a clear indication of where you need to improve so ALWAYS listen to the market when making decisions for your brand.

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Credit: Jamie Kritharas – Founder & Head of Growth at Defiant Digital

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