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First impressions count, but we set up another round.


How often have you thought of buying something, but didn’t do it straight away? Sure, there are the impulse shoppers. But there are others who want to weigh up the value first. We give you that second chance. And the third, and the fourth. We can tag your audience and follow them around the internet until they ARE ready. But, it gets better…


Imagine being able to give a slightly different message (or completely different, if that suits), to different segments of your market. For people living in different locations. For the Apple fanatics, one thing. For the Android aficionados, another. One message for one tribe of football team supporters; another for their competition.

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Results, in real time.


What about almost-real-time refinements to your message, determined by the feedback from your audience right underneath the ads? Segment visitors according to which page on your site they visited. Show them more of what they love. Or, according to when they visited. It’s powerful. Let’s get it into your arsenal.

We can help you control who sees which of your messages, how often they see it, and which step closer to purchase it should take them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to work with a professional remarketing agency? Here’s some answers to our most frequently asked questions. Looking for something else? Reach out via our contact page and we’ll be in touch soon.

Can you tell me exactly what remarketing is?

After a potential customer visits your site, we use a process called Remarketing to educate them about your product, remind them to check out, or “stay tuned” for upcoming offers. It costs less to speak to people who are aware of your brand and often they were just busy or distracted, or need to learn a little more, before they purchased. Remarketing is a powerful way to extend the conversation between you and your potential customer.

How does remarketing work?

We tag the pages and products on your site with codes unique to your brand. We can do this to minute detail, right down to the colour of the shirt the user looked at while “window shopping”. We can then go show them that shirt again (maybe with a discount), show them different colour shirts, or show them complementary products. Eventually, the user comes back to buy.

How can remarketing help my business?

We can run remarketing campaigns on the platforms where your customers are. We can do this across channels, for instance showing them an ad first on Facebook or Instagram, then remarketing (or retargeting) them on Google – through the Google Display Network (GDN), the Google Search Network (GSN) or YouTube. In other cases, we show them an ad first on Google’s Search or Display Network and remarket to them on Facebook while they’re kicking back on the weekend.

What does remarketing cost?

Of course this depends on your goals, budget and the quality of your offer and creative assets. But across the board, remarketing CPA is cheaper than running ads to cold traffic. The people in your remarketing audiences have “self selected” as being interested in your business. This has a powerful effect on overall ROI.

Why should I use Defiant Digital for my remarketing campaigns?

Great question! We look at the big-picture and allocate resources in the correct ratio between your cold traffic and remarketing campaigns. This creates a seamless flow for your prospective customer and provides powerful data for your business decisions. Defiant Digital’s team puts your success as our #1 goal. We create campaigns so sharp your audience will feel, as they consider your offer,  like you’re reading their mind!


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